Service of data applicaiton

Establish and maintain marine environmental database is one of the major projects in TORI. The database is to store and analysis the observational data which are collected from observational platforms, research vessels and marine scientific instruments including physical oceanography hydrological data, marine biogeochemistry water quality and biological data, geology and topography data. Based on the principle of resource sharing and to promote the development of ocean research, TORI provide services of releasing above mentioned data to the industry, government, academic and research community.

Sort of releasing data

Considering the comprehensive and quality of marine data, the marine data in the database will be consolidated by TORI and gradually released for application. The data which is available includes coastal ocean dynamics application radar data, oceanographical simulation results, satellite ocean remote sensing data and buoy data. Each of related distribution periods, geographical range and resolution will be specified in each data category.

Data application and regulation

1. Before submit the Marine Scientific Data Application Form, please contact TORI staff (info as listed below) to confirm the instrument is available.
2. Under data application agreement, please also fulfill declaration of Data Application and Personal Data Collection Agreement for after service tracking. Please fax (07-231-8123) or e-mail above mentioned forms to the contact person (info as listed below) to complete the application procedure.
3. For data application, please do follow the Marine Data Releasing Regulation and Marine Data Releasing Enforcement Rules in TORI.
4. For further detailed information, please refer to the following marine environmental database website:

Contact person
Jui Wen Chan
Tel:(07) 2618688 ext.341