Equipment Rental

Scientific Instruments Rental Service
To optimize the usefulness of the scientific instrument which is invested by national budget and also avoid wasting of instrument repeatedly establishment, Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI) is responsible to provide services on instrument rental. We believe the service will improve ocean research in Taiwan and also bring the user a comprehensive support. To assist the user in choosing appropriate instrument/equipment, TORI has organized a table for the existing instrument and classified into different categories including Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology & Geophysics, Marine Biogeochemistry, and etc.. Click on the name of each instrument, the specification, scope of application, resolution and also some other performance characteristic will be provided.
Physical Oceanography

Marine Geology & Geophysics

Marine Biogeochemistry


Scientific instrument rental application and regulation
1. Before submit the Instrument Application Form, please contact TORI staff (info as listed below) to confirm the instrument is available.
2. Please fax (07-231-8123) or e-mail the finished Instrument Application Form to the contact person (info as listed below) to complete the application procedure.
3. The applicant must understand the Scientific Instrument Rental Agreement in TORI when apply for an instrument rental, also adhere to the rules and take responsibility.
(a) Application MUST be submitted 7 working days before starting day of lease. If attempts to renew, please submit the application form 3 working days before expiration of the
   original lease instrument.
(b) To avoid any improper operation, please do fully realized the instrument specification, scope of application and operational instructions before rental. The instrument is only
   for use as the purpose stated in original application, and may not be used for other purposes.
(c) The applicant should take the responsibility for any lost, repairable damaged or total damaged of the instrument. Liability to the applicant shall be liable.

Contact person
Jui Wen Chan
Tel:(07) 2618688 ext.341