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R/V Specification

Cruise Report






The main exploration mission of R/V Legend includes: performing the exploration mission of deep sea working-type underwater unmanned vehicle, sampling operations of marine sediments and giant long cores, oor topographic mapping of high-precision and full-depth sea and collection of sub-bottom data etc. In addition to the above-stated missions, it can simultaneously perform the general technology and research mission of hydrological data collection and water sampling operations, deployment/recycling of sea weather buoys and sediment trap array, and education/training of ocean science & technology equipment. It is our belief that R/V Legend will add the new energy to the Taiwan ocean science research, and the territory of in-country ocean science & technology will be expanded to establish the new milestone of Taiwan ocean science & technology.





General Specification








Total Length

76.23 m

Cruising Speed

10 knots


19 persons

Moulded Breadth

16 m

Maximum Speed

12 knots


24 persons

Moulded Depth

6.5 m

Dynamic Positioning System


Continuous Voyage Day

30 days

Gross Tonnage

2629 tons






   Global Positioning System & Ship Motion Attitude System Seapath 330+

   Acoustic Underwater Positioning System (~10,000 m) Kongsberg HiPAP 102





Science & technology instrument installed on the gondola structure below the vessel bottom




Underwater Positioning System HiPAP 102

   Multi-bean Echo Sounder System for Neritic Zone (~600 m) Kongsberg EM2040

   Kongsberg EM2040 Multi-bean Echo Sounder System for Deep Sea (~11,000 m) Kongsberg EM122(1o×2o)

   Single Beam Echo Sounder System (~11,000 m)
Kongsberg EA600

   Sub-bottom Profiler SBP120 (3 o) (EM122 integrated)

   Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler RDI Ocean Surveyor (38kHz/150 kHz)