Iridium satellite tracker (NAL Research 9602-LP)







一張含有 電子用品 的圖片


Model 9602-LP is an ultra-low power consumption Iridium satellite tracker. It can send either a standard or a 256-bit AES encrypted GPS report at a pre-programmed interval ranging from once every four seconds to once every seven days. The interval can be changed remotely while the unit is in the field.



69 mm x 55 mm x 24 mm





Input Voltage

3.6V to 5.5V or 6.5V to 32V


Avg Current

200mA @ 5V Input (Report)

< 65uA @ 5V Input (Sleep)


I/O Interface

15-Pin D-Sub


Antenna Interfaces

SMA Female


Software Interface

AT Commands through Serial


Iridium Frequency

Iridium Frequency


GPS Frequency

1575.42 MHz (L1 carrier)



Download Datasheet




Download AT Command Protocols