The transition of seasons appears through fallen leaves and budding seeds of the forest on the land, and also reflects on the marine snow which dresses up the seabed forest.  How does the marine snow shape and how can we see it?

[TORI Salon event and schedule announce]

The secret of marine snow in deep ocean Q & A
Lecturer: Dr. Bo-Sian Wang
Date & time: 7/26//2019 (Fri.) 14:30

Appointment with the Chief technican
Lecturer: Chief technican Fang-Shu Kuo and Chau-Tsong Chiou
Time: 7/27/2019 (Sat.) 10:30, 14:30
     7/28/2019 (Sun.) 10:00
[Location of TORI Salon]
Kaohsiung Exhibition Center N2 TORI booth (Theme Pavilion 5)