Technical Support

Technical Support Service


 Technical support service includes:
1. Research and deployment of marine equipment and recycling equipment,and technical support for sampling and measurement control operations,
Consulting and teaching of related technologies.
2. Operational analysis of precision instruments on land and research ships,teaching and consulting on related instrument operation analysis.
3. Post-production data and data processing, analysis, mapping and interpretation services.

Technical Support Service Application Process and Method


1. Before submitting the "Technical Support Service Application Form",please contact the institute for contact and consultation (see below),
and describe the purpose, location or sea area, technical Support service items, etc.
2. After completing the "Technical Support Service Application Form",apply by fax (07-231-8123) or email (see below).
3. For the Staff scheduling of TORI,please apply within 7 working days before the start date.
  Technical Support Service is only for the purpose of application,please do not arbitrarily delegate other work.
  According to the Technical Support Service fee guidelines of TORI,working on land,we will charge 8 hours fee per day,
working on the sea,we will charge 24 hours fee per day.
4. In the course of offshore operations,scientific equipment are on the high risk of damage and loss due to sea operation,
Therefore,if the Technician of TORI are not damaged due to normal use,the applicant will be responsible for compensation.

Contact and consultation


Ms. Jui-Wen,CHAN
TEL:(07) 2618688 ext.341